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More Chicago shootings…

February. At least 25 CPS students killed. Last Friday, 13 year-old Johnny Edwards was gunned down. In September, 10 year-old Nequiel Fowler was killed in crossfire while tying her blind sister’s shoes.

And I’m not even keeping track.

When are the police going to do something more than hand out fliers? We need cops that are looking for the killers, extra patrols on the streets and working to confiscate and keep guns from kids, not Jehovah’s witnesses.

Last summer, they realized things were finally out of control and mobilized more officers, heavy duty weapons and vehicles after 26 students and many others had already lost their lives. Arguments can be made saying it helped or was pointless, but something needs to be done now.

Kids and young adults are killing kids, and nobody cares. If there were 25 children shot down in Lake Zurich, it would have the nation’s attention, but the disadvantaged Latinos and blacks on the South and West sides doesn’t even interest the city.

Are people just too accustomed to hearing about the killings to care? Are people hopeless? No matter what the reason, if we can put a black man in the oval office, we can put a black boy back in a classroom.

The NAACP needs to work in communities where they are really needed to change the racial and socioeconomic imbalance in our country instead of  picking losing fights with the NY Post.

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