Second Act

At Dwight Correctional Center in Dwight, Illinois, some women are getting a chance at a second act. Thanks to the Still Point Theatre Collective, they are learning acting and paywrighting technqiues, but more importantly they are exploring themselves.

Midnight madness for food

Going to the grocery store is a dreaded task for many people with our struggling economy. Imagine having 200 dollars  a month for a family of four, or even less. Watch how One Stop Foods on the near South Side is fighting the times in order to help their customers.

*I would have gone at midnight, but all of our shooting had to done during the day.

Drums as a Heartbeat

The  American Indian Cultural Center celebrates its’ 35thPowwow, which is the largest in the Midwest. It was hosted at the UIC Pavilion on November 14th through the 16th.

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